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Niia – Nobody feat Goldlink (Liqui Fi Remix)

I have completed a new remix over at blend for sultry jazzy vocalist Niia.  The original track is a steamy, pulsing house vibe set over a 4/4  beat with backing delayed guitar riffs along with Goldlinks spoken words.    I toned it down and bit, slowed it down a bit and gave it a bit of a trap/futurebass vibe but kept the essence of the original track.  Thanks to Tobias Amos for the input on the mix.

Listen here


Indabamusic remix contest entry – Hollywood Principle – Firework (Liqui Fi Remix)

1 Grand Prize Winner

  • Release in Rocket League’s Trailer
  • Release on Spotify and iTunes, Remixer will get a percentage of sales
  • Release on Playstation Music Rocket League Playlist on Spotify – ~40k followers
  • Release in Rocket League Game itself as title track – approximately 1 million plays a day
  • Artist and Indaba shout out on all Rocket League Socials

3 Popular Vote Winners

  • Pro Status on Indaba Music